Meet Dr. Norman Goldwasser, A Psychologist Whose Trauma Treatment Turns Lives Around

Dr. Norman GoldwasserTrauma comes in many forms and the ramifications of this experience presents itself in various ways. The traumatic events themselves are ones not easily discussed and the impact they have on lives often isn’t pleasant. However, unpacking these emotions and their fallout cannot be skipped if mental health is ever to be restored. This is what Dr. Norman Goldwasser does and his team at Horizon Psychological Services changes lives bit by bit. It is important work and a patient who can leave counseling a bit happier and a bit healthier is the objective. To accomplish this, Dr. Goldwasser employs a variety of methods that can help those struggling with trauma. This website will both introduce visitors to Dr. Goldwasser and explore treatment methods he and Horizon Psychological Services have put to use.

Trauma can be painful or frightening. As a licensed psychologist and clinical director, Dr. Goldwasser can help patients make sense of that pain and trauma. This is often accomplished through compassionate approaches to a patient’s very real problem. Among the reasons why patients seek out Dr. Goldwasser is his proven experience with Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR). This is a psychotherapeutic treatment method that can relieve the distress that has been caused by trauma.  What’s more, he has been using this holistic approach for more than 20 years and will often collaborate with other healing professionals and other clinical specialists to deliver the comprehensive care that patients deserve.

Underlying trauma is often blamed on being the trigger for addictions, mood disorder and anxiety. Left untreated, these conditions can worsen quality of life, have a negative impact on health and even contribute to a premature death. There are so many ways for psychological trauma to take hold and recent headlines only give a glimpse at what this world can throw at us: Cyberbullying, sexual abuse, natural disasters, being a victim of violent crime and working in a high-stress field are just a few examples. When you, as a patient, choose to work with Dr. Norman Goldwasser, you’ll receive an assertive and solution-focused form of treatment. His training and approach to curing trauma has also proven effective to those with substance abuse issues, personality disorders, ADHD, depression, obsessive-compulsive problems and more.

Dr. Goldwasser’s offices are in Miami Beach and Boca Raton, in Florida. While Florida residents are encouraged to contact him, he also works with patients on a global level so the treatments that Dr. Norman Goldwasser can render are readily available regardless of geography.